Brand-new Samsung Galaxy S9 Priced at INR 6,490 | What’s the catch

Samsung has been rolling out smartphones into the market as if there is no tomorrow. From budget to mid-range to premium segment, the Korean company has something to offer in each category. The smaller phones have been struggling to make a mark in their specific category but the premium fighters are taking the medals away. Septembers are for the Galaxy Note series, while the Marchs are for the new S line-up. This year, Samsung launched their very own and latest Samsung Galaxy S9 in the market. Dubbed to be featuring a re-imagined camera setup, the Galaxy S9 is available in two sizes – the Normal S9 and the S9 Plus.

The phone retails for about INR 57900 in India and is regarded as one of the best all-rounders. The phone features a kick ass performance hardware that makes it the best of the lot. And now Airtel is up with a crazy offer that you just can’t resist, or maybe you can. The big news, as promote, is that now you can buy a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S9 for a price of INR 6,490. Before you get your horses running, let us tell you that there is a catch behind the whole deal.

galaxy s9 box

For that INR 6490, Samsung offers 80 GB high speed data along with free unlimited calling to local and STD numbers. That’s not it, Airtel is also offering free unlimited calls also while you are on roaming. Other benefits of the offer is that customers will get a free yearly subscription of Amazon Prime and free handset damage protection.

So, a Samsung Galaxy S9 for almost 1/10th of the cost?? Lucrative offer, isn’t it. Well as you already know, there is a catch!

That amount is just a kind of a down payment. Furthermore, you have to pay an amount of INR 2499 every month for 24 months. So, if a simple calculation is done then at the end of the 24th month you have paid a sum of INR 66499, that is INR 8566 more than the actual MRP. In simple terms, you get to buy the phone by paying instalments without a credit card. The extra amount is actually equal to a 14% interest charge that banks charge on EMI transactions. There’s actually no point in this offer as many banks offer No Cost EMI wherein there’s no interest to be paid over the retail price.

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