Viral Video: RPF Constable Saves A Man From Falling Under A Moving Train!

Chennai: A video of a cop who saves a man from falling under a moving train has gone viral in social networks. In the video, it can be seen clearly, that how the police officer acted quickly and pulled a passenger to safety.

Shraddha Sethu Express from Rameswaram to Faizabad was leaving from Chennai Egmore station at 1 pm when the incident took place. The train started to move when the passenger tried to board the general compartment. He managed to catch the hold of the handle, however, while trying to climb on the train he slipped.

He could have fallen under the train, but RPF Constable Suman who was present on the platform acted quickly and dragged him to safety. After his rescue, the 40-year-old passenger was unable to speak for a few moments.

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Here is the video of the cop who saves a man from falling under a train :

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