New Versova Bridge Will Be Shut For A Month

Mumbai: New Versova Bridge between Bhaindar-Vasai on National Highway No. 8 will be shut for a month to carry out repair and maintenance work on the bridge. As a result, motorists will face the heavy traffic on Mumbai-Ahmedabad and Ghodbandar Junction.

Repairing on the New Versova Bridge will be done in two phases. During the first phase, lane one will be shut for 15 days to carry out maintenance. Light vehicles will be allowed to use the second lane in that time. In the second phase, after repairing the first lane, light vehicles will be allowed to use it and the second lane will be shut for the maintenance work.

Repairing and maintenance work on the New Versova Bridge will start from November 26 to December 24. During this period heavy vehicles will be completely banned from using the bridge.

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Alternative Ways To Use During The Maintainance Work On New Versova Bridge:

  1. Heavy vehicles coming from Ahmedabad towards Thane will be diverted via Manor-Wada-Bhiwandi-Thane.
  2. Heavy vehicles coming from Vasai-Virar towards Thane-Mumbai will be diverted via Shirsat Phata-Ganeshpuri-Vajreshwari-Ambadi-Bhiwandi-Thane.
  3. Vehicles coming from Vasai-Virar can also use the Chinchoti-Kaman-Anjur Phata-Bhiwandi-Thane route.

Feature Image Credit: Times of India

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