Video: Angry Fearless TN Cop – Challenges A Mob Of Protesters Single-Handedly!

Have you seen a Bollywood movie Singham? The movie in which Ajay Devgan played a role of the police officer who is fearless and fights alone against the group of villains. That is something which can happen in the movies only, right? But what if we say that there is a cop who is a Singham in real life?

Over the last two days in Kerala, more than a hundred KRTC buses were damaged and vandalised by protestors protesting against the entry of two women (Bindu Ammini and Kanakadurga) into the Sabarimala temple. While police personnel were trying their best to stop the protestors, a video of Tamil Nadu Police officer who saved the bus and challenged the mob of protestors single-handedly has gone viral.

The incident took place on Thursday in Kaliyakkavilai, a town located at the Tamil Nadu – Kerala border. The mob of protestors was about to torch a state-run bus when a police officer identified as Mohana Aiyer stopped them from doing it. In the video, it can be clearly seen that he warned the mob by saying “Vandiye thottudiviya. ***ley todu paappom. Ambalaya irundaa thodu paappom. ( Will you touch the bus? Come, touch it. If you are a man, come and touch it! ),”.

Here is the video:

തമിഴ്‌നാട്‌ അതിർത്തിയിൽ കെ.എസ്‌.ആർ.ടി.സി ബസ്‌ തകർക്കാൻ വന്ന അക്രമികളെ സിനിമ സ്റ്റൈലിൽ വിരട്ടുന്ന തമിഴ്‌നാട്‌ പൊലീസ്‌. "ആംപിളയാനാ പോയി വണ്ടിയെ തൊഡ്റാ.." കൊല മാസ് സീൻ. ❤️

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