My Data is My Data, None of Your data – Mumbai Police to Daisy Shah

Bollywood has been an inspiration to a lot of humans around the world. After every epic stunt, though realistic or unrealistic, enthusiasts appreciate even if it is horse@#$%. This also goes for fashion. Every style that is been donned by actors and actresses are adorned and dittoed by fans and followers to the details. They spread like trends like fire.

Not just stunts and fashion, this crazy following is also true when it comes to those EPIC dialogues. And speaking of one such dialogue is from the latest and upcoming movie – Bhai ka monvie – Race 3. We don’t even have to tell you which one we’re talking about. Yes, this is the one, the EPIC one, that has been uniquely delivered by Daisy Shah.


We did talk about fans appreciating and following Bollywood but there’s another side to it to. Commoly known as the Twitterati rants. And this aforementioned dialogue was dissected on twitter as well. It not only made to the trending topics on various social media channels but also promoted the movie in a funny way. Well the dialogue is super funny, though it makes sense, but the way it has been delivered, the dialogue has reached a different level of humour. We also saw Salman Khan getting erked up with a journalist and delivering the same dialogue in anger. Daisy Shah in here tweets also expressed her upset by bashing people who made fun of her.

Now on a lighter note when all of this is going on, a very important organization of India too took inspiration from the dialogue. It was none other than our very own Mumbai Police.

On a particular tweet Mumbai police did this

But on this particular tweet Daisy Shah had a very different kind of reaction. Instead of getting furious, she appreciated the act and the social awareness message.

Here is her tweet:

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